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tv   American Morning  CNN  September 7, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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yet another stimulus package. while a new cnn poll shows voters may now trust republicans more when it comes to handling the economy. the uphill struggle for democrats. we're going to have that for you in a moment. also, we have tropical storm hermine barreling through the gulf. we got word that overnight it crossed over into south texas. up to a foot of rain expected today. emergency officials saying they're already worried about potentially dangerous flash flooding. we're tracking hermine. checking in with the weather center to see how powerful the storm will be. here's a story making news, 98 the good kind a florida church wants to burn copies of the koran. before you say anything, the u.s. commander in afghanistan says it's a terrible idea that could put our troops in harm's way. with the end of ramadan, just days away, with that celebration could come on the very same day as the anniversary of 9/11 that
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could change how american-muslims celebrate. also, the am fix blog is up and running. we've love for you to weigh in. join a live conversation by going to let's begin, though, with the election. eight weeks away. republicans gaining, the economy sliding along with the democrats at this point. it's looking like a long uphill climb for the president and democratic party. 56 days remain until the midterm elections. >> yeah. and it's been a rough start for democrats. we take a look at our new cnn opinion research poll released just moments ago, suggested that republicans may be winning the confidence when it comes to handling the economy. a pretty stunning reversal of what we've seen in other polls. with 46% favoring the gop. 43% backing the democrats. the president ready to unveil a
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$350 billion plan that includes small business tax cuts as well as new infrastructure spending. >> yeah. i think we can all feel it that this election will impact all of us. jobs, taxes, our family health care. and with so much at stake, we are coverage it at cnn like no one else. t.j. holmes cruising in ohio on the cnn election express. it's almost like a rock 'n' roll tour for him. first, ed henry at the white house. the president's plan to kick-start the comatose economy. i've heard this before? >> yes, he's certainly talking a lot like last year selling the first stimulus plan out on the road in milwaukee. $50 billion on the new plan. and also the plan talking are tough about the republicans. and i can tell you that we're picking up new information this morning that the president will be back on the road tomorrow until cleveland and going to be unveiling a brand-new business
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tax cut, something we had nature heard before. it's going to equal about $200 billion. it's going to target small businesses by allowing them through the end of this year and into 2011 allow them to write off 100% of whatever they spend on new plant, new equipment. basically trying to get these economies to pour more money into the economy. get it, perhaps, stimulated. this comes after the president yesterday in milwaukee was pretty tough in pushing back republicans and special interest. he even had a kind of interesting unscripted moment. >> that's been at the heart of what we've been doing over these last 20 months. building our economy on a new foundation so that our middle class doesn't just survive this crisis. i want it to thrive. i want it to be stronger than it was before. and over the last two years, that's meant taking on some powerful interests. some powerful interests who have been dominating the agenda in washington for a very long time. and they're not always happy with me.
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they talk about me like a dog. that's not in my prepared remarks, but it's true. >> talk about me like a dog. we haven't heard the president say something like that before. clearly fired up. white house aides say get used to it, he's going to be on the road a lot more, not just campaigning for democrats but selling the new proposal. but i have to tell you, it's a reality check we have to add, it's not even clear whether the president and democrats on capitol hill even have time to get this on the agenda david get it passed. this could be a lot of reddicer that doesn't go anywhere. drew, kiran? >> he also talked about republicans driving the economy into a ditch and standing by drinking a slurpee saying, hey, why can't you push this thing
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out of here so he was fired up for sure. but at the same time, they've been careful not to to say this say new stimulus because of how powerful it's been on the campaign trail. a lot of tea party candidates saying this is new spending, it doesn't add up to new jobs. so how do they sell this differently? >> you're absolutely right. folks from the tea party saying the first stimulus was a failure, too much money. and the bottom line is if the president comes out and says i've got a second stimulus plan, that would give republicans, tea party activists more ammunition to say the first one didn't work. they've been adamant inside the white house here that this is not going to be a second stimulus plan. but i've got news foundation if you start adding this up, $50 billion in infrastructure spending. the new plan plus $100 billion on another tax cut from a few days ago. that's $350 billion already. that's almost half of the first stimulus plan.
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they may call it a stimulus plan, but you know the old saying if it walks like a duck, talking like a duck, but this certainly sounds like a stimulus plan, they are admitting that the first one didn't work, drew, kiran? >> what democrat is going to vote for this? may not conveniently have time? who's going to vote for this? >> you're right. especially the conservative democrats in the south in the midwest, like indiana where democrats have made pickups on the election cycles, they're on the griddle now from voters at home saying, look, you're spending too much money in washington. society president is sort of cooking up this plan. at the same time, he's not going to have republicans on board, let's be frank. but you're right, there's going to be some fellow democrats who say hold the line, we can't spend any more money. >> ed, thanks a lot. the president is going to be in ohio, of course, we notes a
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crucial battleground state in any election. >> yeah, why? because unemployment is so high there. and so are the chances that democrats could lose the senate and governor races. c.j. holmes, from pittsburgh to columbus overnight, t.j.? >> reporter: yeah, it was a rough drive for us. about 3 1/2 hours to make our way here. but we have made it. and the president's going to make this way back here. the president has been here ten times since he's been president. and there's a good reason for this. we know this is always a bellwether state. there's a reason that the president continues to come here. now, we are here in the city of columbus. folks here oftentimes, they lean a little liberal. they lean a little democratic. but we're is asking them, would you lean that way again? the president, of course, coming to make that pitch again. but a lot of people here, in the columbus area, in particular, you know, they're not feeling the effects of the last
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stimulus. this state, much different than the state we were in yesterday. yesterday, in pennsylvania, in pittsburgh, in particular, that state we've talked about, it has been able to stay below the national average in unemployment rate. this state, ohio, has been the exact opposite, at 10.3% unemployment in this state right now. a year ago, it was 10.6%. hasn't come down much. all of that has been above the national average. so could they vote for the president, once again, the next time around? listen to what they said. >> i just think ohio is a state people look at because it has a huge mix in one state. >> i now hate politics. >> you're going to talk to different people and everyone's going to have different thoughts. >> it's hard for me to figure out, i grew up in a different family. the sarah palins is not part of what i wanted to represented by. >> i want it to stop. >> starting to see some republican candidates come out ahead. you know, good strong
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candidates. i think we're going to have a good run for it here in november. >> jobs need to be brought back to america. i see that part. i don't see anything now. i've got a nice hat that says my boss is jesus. when i look inside and i look at the label, and it says, made in china, okay? where is made in the usa at? >> reporter: you hear some of the concerns there. it is all about jobs here in the state. it's been that way for quite sometime. like we said, the president was just here two weeks ago. all of you remember he bass having that backyard chat talking about the economy. he'll be here in cleveland tomorrow talking about the things that ed henry was talking about. the president not just here to sell the economy. he's here also to try to preserve his own re-election years down the road in ohio because the governor here, ted strictland, he's in a tough race as well. it's important to have the governors in place in these
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states. they could be very crucial when it comes to organizing on behalf of the presidential candidates. the president has a lot at stake here. there are a couple of candidates and freshmen here in seats. throughout the day on cnn, you see the big bus. we got it in the backdrop. we are just getting started here in ohio. >> all right. t.j., thanks for that report. we'll see you, like you said, just about everywhere. it's ten minutes past the hour. have you seen who's challenging, 15-term barney frank for his congressional seat? we certainly remember it, this was at a town hall meeting that happened over the big debate over health care. a woman by the name of rachel brown, she calls it nazi policy. and frank's response went viral. >> ma'am, trying to have a
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conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table, i have no interest in doing it. >> that dining room table decided to throw in the kitchen sink. rachel brown said that race actually motivated her to run against him in next week's primary. frank calls the policy the price you pay. stay with "american morning" all week as we break down the races with the best political team on television. wednesday, we're going to be in covington, kentucky. thursday, indianapolis. we'll have more coverage from t.j. holmes, along with that team of national correspondents. john king, senior congressional correspondent, dana bash, political correspondent jessica yellin and senior political analyst gloria borger. how about that lineup? >> in the meantime, we talked about earl, it did hit parts of the northeast. now, we have tropical storm
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hermine and it has south texas. 65-mile-an-hour winds slamming south padre island. >> parts of texas could get hit with a foot of rain enough for dangerous flooding. rob marciano tracking hermine in the extreme weather center. i would say, rob, hermine, she is mean, huh? >> yeah, exactly. this thing got flared up yesterday. good morning, guys, we're in prime time hurricane season. and the scary part thing about this time of year how quickly these things can develop pretty much out of nowhere. and near the gulf of mexico, that means they're close to landfall. that's what happened yesterday. tropical depression forming making landfall just south of brownsville, texas. right now, we've got winds of 50 miles an hour and it's well inland. so we have winds and rain and the potential for seeing tornadoes as well. usually the northeastern quadrant will spin the air.
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that's why the watch box has been issued until 1:00 this afternoon. s there the center about 90 miles southwest of corpus chris christi. we expect it to move up. it's going to bring gusty winds that may take down power lions but rain, 5 inch, maybe up to 12 inches in some spots as this thing slowly moves along the oklahoma border later on tonight. we'll talk more about hermine in the national forecast. >> all right, rob. hopefully, we'll get new pictures and see what it's doing in texas. still to come, the man at the center of the natalee holloway disappearance now confessing, not to murder, but trying to extort her family. we'll show you what joran van der sloot is saying now.
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♪ welcome back to the most news in the morning. in an interview with a dutch newspaper, joran van der sloot reportedly admits extorting money from the family of natalee holloway. why? he said he did it to get back at her parents for, quote, may
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going my life tough for five years. in the disappearance of holloway that vanished in aruba. he's also facing separate murder charges in peru. america's most famous ex-flight attendant has a court appearance in court today. remember steven slater he now faces charges of criminal mischief. he said he quit after last month. here's what he had to say when he was released from jail last month. >> tell me about what you think about all the support you've gotten. >> it's been very, very appreciated. and it seems like something here has resonated with a few people and that's kind of neat. >> are you going to lose your job? >> more than likely. >> do you care about that anymore? >> no comment at this time. >> well how about -- >> well, he didn't seem too
6:18 am
concerned about it back then and maybe not now. the only problem is, all of those charges against him, the felony charges, carry a maximum of seven years in prison. >> yeah. well, we'll see what happens. but i bet he cares about it now. >> we'll see. speaking of not caring, an unusual guy, an unusual cause, using a set of gigantic suction cups. this guy made a three-hour trek up the side of a san francisco high-ri high-rise. he said he scaled the millenniumle tower. >> if he had scaffolding he would look like a window washer. coming up, the fashion police are out in force. they want to make sure you're wearing a belt. look at that. i don't like pants on the
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ground. >> neither does dad. it's 18 after the hour.
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where banks competed to save me a boatload of money on my mortgage, that would be awesome. sure, like that'll happen. don't just think about it -- spend 10 minutes at lendingtree and save up to $258 a month. the president of abc news is stepping down. his name is david westin. he sent an e-mail to the staff saying the decision was a personal one. he led the network for more than a decade. plans to stay on until the end of the year. in february, abc news announced it would lay off about 400 employees to cut costs. well, that sunday shopping extravaganza may not be good for you or your wallet. there is actually a domino
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effect from the so-called blue law that allows stores to open on sunday. people who spent more time in stores than in church were actually less happy. the research mostly focused on catholics and protestants. you could do both, there's 24 hours in a day? >> it's always better for a man not to go shopping. the health of a marriage is better, too. >> you just sit in chairs and look at your watch? >> no comment. if you enjoy wearing your pants -- this one does interest me -- if you wear the pants a little on the low side like that clown there, a georgia town has decided to fine people up to $200 if the pants are more than three inches below their hips on the ground looking like a fool. officials say it qualifies as indecent exposure. i wonder if they're going to be hauled in. >> police are walking around with rulers. i need to measure your boxer
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shorts there and your pants. well, coming up on the most news in the morning. the ongoing series of the soldier's story continues next. jason carroll is live in afghanistan. he follows sergeant shorter where he takes on a forward-operating base in one of the deadliest places in afghanistan. it's 24 minutes past the hour. bf from occasional constipation. find the relief that's right for you and get a $10 rebate at time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. comes in a liquid gel. somewhere in america, there's a doctor who can peer into the future. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now.
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now, muslims around the world have been observing ramadan, the holy month ends with a celebration. this year, the holiday falls almost nine years to the day to the worst terror attack on american soil. >> tensions are high with the controversy with plans to build islamic center two blocks north of the ground zero site in new york city. mary snow tells us that muslims are trying to void more backlash with 9/11 just days away. >> kiran and drew, there is a concern that any celebrations to end the end of ramadan will be misconstrued, so in some cases events will be canceled or moved so they won't coincide with september 11th-afternoon prayers at the islamic center in long island, as ramadan draws to a close later this week, they're being asked to tone down what usually iscy celebratory
6:28 am
celebration. how will it be different this year? >> this year, it's a little different, you know. we're not celebrating like we're supposed to do, we normally do. >> because? >> because of 9/11. >> reporter: the end of ramadan falls on friday or saturday september 11th but many muslims have decided to mark it on friday. the head of the islamic council in new york, an umbrella group of muslim organizations. >> i guess people must think it's a protest against people celebrating. >> reporter: one group celebrates at six flags park. this year, organizers are careful not to schedule their events for september 11th. it comes against the backdrop of anger of the center at ground zero and protests around the country. muslims are trying to send out their own message like this public service announcement. >> i don't want to take over
6:29 am
this country. >> reporter: while a muslim leader who work with a group in chicago says he's feels the attitude is unlike any other. >> frankly, i have not felt this fearful. a mother came up to me at my muslim house of worship earlier this week said to me, ebu, when will my 8 and 10-year-old sons stop being bullied son the playground because of their names, amed and ahberg. i said to her, very soon. they will defeat the forces of intolerance again. >> reporter: it's also asked local police for protection, following a suspicious incident that broke windows at the mosque. imam latif said his group has decided not to hold a protest saturday after the families of
6:30 am
9/11 request they had not hold the rally. >> we're encouraging people to be calm, to be patient, but to be firm and strong. and to reach out, you know. >> reporter: and this islamic center for one is opening its doors with open houses to promote understanding. and mosques quite like the islamic center of long island are opening their doors to hold open houses. a coalition group has announced a national day of services on september 11th. >> thanks so much. it's now half past the hour. we're going to check the top stories. the white house is planning to unveil a new plan that would cut business taxes over $200 billion over the next two years. this comes as a new cnn poll shows that voters may now trust republicans more when it comes to the handling of the economy. this is a big reversal from what we saw in the polling a few years ago. now, the president hopes to turn those numbers around. take a look at what's happening out in boulder, colorado, this going on right
6:31 am
now. an out-of-control wildfire, burned dozens of homes. at least 1,000 people forced out of their homes. the wind-driven canyon fire has burned acres. it's going to take several days before that fire can be contained. the top military commander in afghanistan is blasting a florida church's concern to burn copies of the koran. general petraeus warns it could put troops overseas in danger. he also says, quote, it is precisely the kind of action the taliban uses. coming up at 7:40, we're speaking with the pastor of that church and ask him why he plans to burn the koran on 9/11, and does he think it's a good idea, especial with the top general saying don't do it. the ongoing series "a soldier's story," we've been following randy shorter. this is his third tour of duty. >> yeah, his unit, a forward-operating base in afghanistan.
6:32 am
sound dangerous? it is. our jason carroll went out to see how sergeant shorter is doing. and jason joins us live in the paktika province in afghanistan. jason, hi. >> reporter: hello to you drew and kiran. securing the region is a major part of the mission in coalition forces here. no question about that, but it's not the only mission. there's also a very concerted effort to engage the afghan people. and we saw an example of that just a few hours ago when we headed out with sergeant shorter and the rest of the men in his unit to a small village just south of here. it was really a fascinating experience to witness how they interact with the people and what was going on there. as soon as we arrived, i know the soldiers have seen us many, many times in the past, drew. but it was a first for us to see the children swarm them, asking them questions. they were very curious about them, what they had to offer. >> take off the gloves, shake
6:33 am
hands. smile at the kids. if you got little treats, you can pass them out. you know, they had this thing where they do this, they're wanting pencils. because they're excited about going to school. if you got pens, they really love that. kind of a good icebreaker especially with the kids. kids see the vehicles coming in. they see the guns. they're a little nervous at first. scared. they don't know how to take you. once you start taking off the gloves, taking off the sunglasses, let them see your eyes because you want to be able to break the ice with the population here. let them know, you know, we want to help. >> okay. >> reporter: and that's what it's really all about, kiran and john, taking off the gloves, take off the glasses, interacting as much as you can. in fact, at one point during this particular patrol, one of the lieutenants from the unit was able to go and speak to the village elders who was there. the village elders are basically
6:34 am
like the unofficial leader of the village. they were able to hear what their concerns are, what their needs are. the problem is, in order to get through some of these remote places you have to pass through paved and in some says unpaved roads. and you're never is sure if an ied is there. that's how the taliban is fighting forces. and the main way they do that is through the use of ides. >> and it the importance of being able to earn the trust of the tribal leaders oftentimes, our military relies on them for intelligence to let them know when an ied is implanted in a certain area? >> reporter: without question. you hit the nail right on the head. that is absolutely right, some of these village elders can provide not only information about security. but the main point in doing that is, if you can get the village eld are to come to u.s. forces for whatever their needs may be, perhaps then they won't turn to the taliban for their needs.
6:35 am
so that is really the thrust of what we're seeing here, in terms of some of the diplomacy that's happening on the ground. >> jason, are you seeing any afghan forces there? they're the ones supposed to be take over. i'm just wondering real quick, are there any afghan soldiers or police in the village you're at? >> reporter: let me tell you something, drew, that's a very good question. every time that we are out, we are out also with afghan police, in some cases, afghan army. just depends where we actually end up heading to go out. because ultimately what you want to see here or what coalition forces are hoping is that afghan police and afghan army will eventually take the lead in terms of securing this region. a lot of training is going on. in fact, some of training happening right here at bob rushmore. that's a forward-operating base rushmore. some of that happening right here. in terms of where they are, being able to do that, in terms of taking over the region and
6:36 am
taking the lead, still some ways to go for their training to happen. drew? >> all right. jason carroll in afghanistan in one of the forward-operating bases where they have a lot going on for sure. thanks so much, jason. next up on the most news in the morning, the business of politics. democrats and republicans sharpening their message to you as we close in on election day. we're going to talk to evan tracey of the campaign analysis group. imagine if it were this easy to spot the good guys.
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news in the morning. it's exactly eight weeks to go, voters heading to the polls in the midterm elections. a lot of people keeping their eyes and ears open right now. a lot of people very interested in what they see happening. and we want to let you know that cnn, of course, is the place for politics 24/7. we have our political ticker. here it is right now. you can find it at it shows the topics. the president giving a speech on the economy. new polling out, in fact, we have new polls this morning. we'll show you stories on the ticker. they're calling it a grudge match of sorts. it's a race between patrick murray and republican mike fitzpatrick.
6:40 am
a former congressman. they went head to head in 2006 and murphy won by just over 1,500 votes. the challenger is looking for a comeback. experts say it could be a telltale sign of whether there will be a republican wave on election day. president obama's labor day message, a $50 billion investment in infrastructure. the president talked about the plan at a harley plant in milwaukee. one worker says he's seen cutbacks, layoffs. he worries how much more the company will ask the union to sacrifice. the president talking about immediate jobs being created on the form of new construction of miles of roads around the country. again, the most political news, we're heading to drew. we've been talking all morning on whether or not republicans will regain control of the house. we have a new prediction, stu rothenberger saying upping the games, republican, 37, now he says, they could take 42 seats. >> yeah, it keeps getting higher
6:41 am
and higher. that's why there's a lot of panic on the democratic side. eight weeks before the elections. you talk about ads, they could be nastier than ever. republicans attacking the president. democrats, they don't even know the guy. take a look at this ad, from missouri, it's taking aim at robin carnahan, the democrat running for u.s. senate who supported the president on health care reform. >> it is time to pass health care reform for america. >> i'm unhappy about it. >> when you get there, crystal clear, you would have voted for the health care reform bill? >> yes. >> with so many democrats in trouble this election season, evan tracey, president and founder of campaign media analysis group is joining us to discuss trends in the midterm campaign ads. evan, thanks for joining us, i said the democrats don't even know the president in some of
6:42 am
these ads, but the republicans certainly do. >> yeah, that's for sure. the republicans have used obama in probably close to 300 ads this year, close to $40 million has been spent on these ads, basically trying to attach democrats to this president. >> so i want to show you what happens if you're a democrat and you're trying to get re-elected. here's an ad from joe donnelly who is trying to tough-talk his way through this thing and try to avoid being linked with president obama. let's take a listen. >> i went down to the border and saw for myself just how bad the situation really is. that's why i voted to hire 5,300 more border agents penalize any business who hires illegals. eliminate amnesty because no one should be rewarded for breaking the law. that may be what the washington crowd wants but i don't work for them. i work for. you. >> evan, that's got to be a tough sale because the obama administration is actually suing
6:43 am
arizona for doing what this democratic congressman apparently says he would like to do. >> yeah, you've seen this in fay number of ads so far from democrats in tough districts. they're really go ought of their way to stress their independence and they're really trying to put themselves in a place that's kind of outside of party politics which is -- you know, it's a heavy lift right now because obviously they have opponents and campaigns don't happen in a vacuum. >> can it work? does it work? has it worked? >> yeah, it's going to be a race by race district. there's an old sort of political belief even when voters hate congress, they still like their own congress person. that's really what the hope is here. people will say, yes, well, yes, i'm certainly unhappy with congress. but i am very happy that i have my particular member. >> yeah. let's take a listen to one more ad, congressman kotoba of maryland, he's trying to point out he's not only a politics, he's a prosecutor. let me let you listen to this
6:44 am
and see what you say about this ad. >> as a career prosecutor, i made decisions on facts, not politics. in washington, i've tried to do the same. that's why i voted to crack down on wall street. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout and against the health care bill. you see for me, it's not about democrats and republicans, it's about common sense. >> it's hard to believe that anything obama passed actually passed. all of these democrats have voted against it apparently? >> yeah. and this is the irony of this election, too. is that the democrats used the health care bill, for example, for probably the last five elections. very successfully, to take control. here, they've passed the bill. and the only democrats that are actually talking about the bill are the ones that voted against it. so they've lost really one of their significant issues. they're sort of trying to find the message out there that will connect. and you have a number of democrats in the house that voted against the bill that are touting this fact that they
6:45 am
voted against this bill. >> yeah. when all else fails in politics, i think the rule is to go nasty. are you expecting that to come? >> absolutely. the political survival instincts are going to be kicking in here. this is san election where democrats have about three options. one of those options is to disqualify their opponents. republicans, the same thing. they're going to hammer away at the economy. they're going to hammer away at the incumbents. they're going to attack the administration. so expect the ads to be very negative for the last eight weeks. and it's going to be one of those kind of elections, unfortunately. >> evan tracey, president, founder of campaign media analysis. thanks for joining us. it's 45 minutes past the hour right now, still to come in the most news in the morning, rob is in the weather center tracking tropical storm hermine come ago shore in south texas. they're warning of the probability of flash flooding and the dangers of it.
6:46 am
he'll also have the morning's travel forecast after the break.
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you got a double shot this morning. two beautiful shots of new york this morning. you don't get to see that too often. a beautiful shot of the hudson river on the left side. and a gorgeous shot on the top, the skyscrapers here at columbus circle? you love it. it's 69 degrees. it's clear. 87 and sunny for a high. you're going to like hang ought in central park today for sure. >> yeah. well, i'm not going to be there today. i had a good day yesterday in central park. a beautiful day. no hurricane, no flooding. just a lot of people. >> well, good. >> and one violinist who serenaded him. see that? >> hots kind of how my labor day goes. >> when drew griffin comes to town, a serenading. i'm glad you enjoyed that. it cost me 50 bucks. with tropical storm hermine, made landfall just south of
6:50 am
brownsville, texas, 40 or 50 miles. we still have 50-mile-an-hour winds. the big story is going to be flooding. we just got into the cnn weather center, a flash flooding warning for texas. we got heavy rains happening here so let's look at the radar. not only are the rains going to roll in here, but we also have gusty winds. you see the eye of the tropical storm right there, almost due west of corpus christi. so brownsville to corpus christi have seen winds gusting of 50 to 60 miles an hour or so. i wouldn't be surprised if you see spotty power outages. this tornado watch in effect until at least 1:00 this afternoon. that's the deal when these things come to shore. the right side of them, a little more twist, a little more spin. and the threat for tornadoes, usually small one, but nonetheless, tornadoes a distinct possibility with these types of systems. it's going to roll up into this front that will get into
6:51 am
oklahoma, also parts of arkansas. these are the areas where we'll see potentially flooding rains over the next 24 to 48 hours as this front passes farther to the east. still a threat foreseeing wildfires out west. we're watching that situation northwest of boulder. temperatures in denver will be 80. 82 degrees in dallas and 89 degrees for the serenading violinist this afternoon in central park. drew? >> rob, i really appreciate that. i wouldn't have tipped him had i known you paid him already. >> well, he gave me a labor day discount. usually it's $100. i'm a sucker for a deal. >> today, it's a petty cab ride you're getting, right? by the way, this top story minutes away including new polling showing americans may be shifting into truting the gop more than the democrats when it comes to big issues on the economy, terrorism and immigration. it's leaving many to wonder if dark days lie ahead for democrats. we're checking in with the democratic congressional campaign chair coming up to ask
6:52 am
what his plan is to try to turn this around for his party. >> yeah. speaking of plans. a warning to the leader of a florida church, the top general until afghanistan, that guy there wants to burn the koran on 9/11. american lives apparently will be put at risk, if he does. the man behind the plan is going to respond to us just ahead. we're also tracking this massive recall. it could affect your pet. house to of bags of a popular dog treat were called because of a salmonella risk. we'll have more on that coming up. 50 minutes past the hour. scream] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache... alka-seltzer gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz.
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with xerox, you're ready for real business. welcome back to the most news in the morning. union knee cyclists take manhattan. check out the pictures. new york city's firunicycle festival. juggling coordination, something like that requires, it's simply amazing. >> and being able to play a became of basketball is amazing. how many chicken wings can a black widow eat? 181 in 12 minutes. sonya thomas, she's known as the black widow on the competitive eating circuit. he wins the annual buffalo
6:57 am
festival over the week, beating out the favorite joey chestnut. she's set records eating cheesecakes, and jalapeno peppers. and hard boiled eggs. >> you can imagine eating that many hard boiled eggs. chicken wings as well. >> it's hard for me to swallow that people do that? >> competitive eatingy yeah, no joke.
6:58 am
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--ucaptions by vitacu--, extreme weather, you're looking at new pictures out of texas this morning. the state under siege. tropical storm hermine slamming the coastline with 60-mile-an-hour winds up to a foot of rain in some areas, they're warning of flash flooding. and south texas is also on alert, the possibility that hermine will spawn tornadoes. good morning to you, it's tuesday, september 7th.
7:00 am
glad you're with us on this mark mark. i'm kiran chetry. >> i'mle drew griffin. john roberts is off. first, the top stories. the top middle tear general in afghanistan blasting the church that is burning the koran. we're talk to get reverend behind this plan to burn the koran just ahead. president obama ready to unveil a $350 billion plan to kick start the economy and but the brakes on his party's free fall. a live report with ed henry at the white house in just a moment. and speaking of troops in afghanistan, we are on patrol with them. how do american troops interact with the locals, especially children, jason carroll live in afghanistan this morning. he's going to have the latest installment of "a soldier's story." >> we head back to south texas where they're getting hammered this morning. a live satellite look at tropical storm hermine as it moves farther into texas. we also have new pictures just
7:01 am
into cnn, showing south padre island, sort of hanging out there in the gulf. getting a one-two punch. rain and wind. 65-mile-an-hour winds knocking down trees. >> flash flood alerts, wind advisories issued for san antonio, south texas until 7:00 tonight local time. that say long time. rob marciano tracking hermine in the extreme weather center. i guess what we're talking about is the possibility that we'll have real floods down there. >> not only there, and this thing will go up into areas that don't typically get tropical weather or maybe get one or two sideswipes a year, well into the plains is where this thing's going to go. you showed that video, it was pretty striking. it was probably a four to five to six-hour period overnight where things got nasty, all the way from corpus christi to south padre island to brownsville where that made landfall and now up to texas. 50-mile-an-hour winds right now so obviously it will be weakening, away from the water. but it was 65. so this thing was almost a
7:02 am
hurricane at one point and creating winds that were certainly gusting to over 60 miles an hour. now, we're into the rain event and also a bit of a twist here which means the right side of this system will have the threat for seeing tornado. so a tornado watch in effect for 1:00 this afternoon. there you see the eye. right about there. okay. just west of corpus christi, and to the northwest at about 17, 18 miles an hour. so to move fairly quickly, that's the hope because these things slow down. obviously, that's where you get all the threat for seeing rainfall. that could produce flooding. it will take quite a bit into northern texas, oklahoma and eventually making it to arkansas. 5 inches in some spots, upwards in some spots of 12 inches. where they do need the rain, they're not getting any soon. check out this video northwest of boulder, colorado. northwest of oklahoma, wildfires, not nearly as bad as what they're dealing with in terms of the rugged terrain west of the boulder. several houses burned to the
7:03 am
ground with this particular fire. it is not anywhere in control at the moment. we've got all sorts of assets up there trying to battle this but look at the winds on this thing. it's certainly cranking along. we expect the winds to be another issue today with no rain in sight. firefighters think it could take several days before that fire is contained in any capacity. drushgs kiran, back up to you? >> well, a lot going on there, rob. meantime, three minutes past the hour. we're just eight weeks away from the midterm elections. and this morning, there's new information about what president obama plans to do about the sinking economy. >> yeah, word of what some are calling second stimulus, or son of stimulus. hundreds of billions of spending in tax cuts but will it buy the confidence of american people. we're now just 56 days until you go to the voting booth. and a new cnn opinion research poll released an hour ago shows a stunning reversal when it comes to who's better in handling the economy. republicans now taking the lead, 56% to 53%.
7:04 am
>> yeah, the president is hoping to reverse that trend. tomorrow, he'll be in cleveland announcing a $350 billion plan that includes small business tax cuts, as well as new infrastructure spending. >> with so much at stake this election season, we're coverage like nobody else can. t.j. holmes on the cnn election express trucing to ohio this morning on the cnn express election bus. first, let's bring in ed henry live at the white house. ed, i've got to think that some are cringing at the new proposal from the president and quite frankly just hope at that president goes on another vacation. >> reporter: good morning, john, certainly, there are more conservative democrats worried about more government spending. they're hearing a lot of grief about that on the campaign trail. t.j.'s been talking about that for sure. and we're hearing that in a lot of different states but there are other democrats that are going to welcome this. they feel there needs nosh stimulus. they're worried that this recession has dragged along.
7:05 am
the new information we're getting this morgue is tomorrow in cleveland the president is going to roll out another $200 billion tax cut aimed at small businesses. go through the details. $200 billion, that's a pretty big number, aimed at small businesses, and basically allow them to duct 100% of what they spend on new equipment, new plants, obviously the goal being here to pump some more money into the economy, not just from the government, but in this case, actually having businesses, some of this private money, private capital, going back out there to stimulate some demand. interesting as well, it comes on top of the president yesterday in milwaukee saying he's going to spend $50 billion in government money, in that case, for highway infrastructure spending. and then a couple days ago, we reported that the president also on wednesday is going to unveil a $100 billion tax cut in terms of research and development for companies. if you add all of that up, it does equal $350 billion. this white house has been adamant about saying, look, we're not going to have a second
7:06 am
stimulus plan. they know that's toxic right now when federal spending is such a big issue and debt and whatnot. but also republicans could hammer this white house and suggest if you need a second stimulus that suggests maybe the first stimulus was not as good as advertised. so they're going to continue to say this is not a new stimulus plan. but when you add up the dollars the fact of the matter is this is almost half of what the president spent on the first stimulus. that's a significant chunk of money, no matter what you call it. this is clearly an effort by this president on the eve of the election to try to show the american people he's all over the economy. the question is whether it's too little, too late, drew? >> like you said, when you add all of that up, it does look like exactly like son of stimulus, if you will. why the president coming out with more spending proposals right now when he's being attacked for out-of-control spending? >> it's important to note on some of these issues, they claim, and we've got to go through the fine print theshs claim that a lot of them are paid for.
7:07 am
they say they're going to close other tax loopholes to pay for the $1 billion. is that going happen? first of all, congress may not take any of this up before the election so it might be moot. what's the reason for driving this? let's look at the latest cnn research corporation poll, when we asked what part could do a better job with complete. look at how this has flipped. it's so dramatic for this president. last august, basically who co-do a better job. voters, 52% democrats. big edge for democrats. june, 48% for republicans, 45% for democrats. a drop there. now, a stark difference, 46% saying republicans can do a better job of handling the economy. only 43% say democrats can. so this flurry of proposals now in effort to show, look, democrats were all over complete. >> yeah, a sliding fading in confidence. because republicans went down as
7:08 am
well. >> that's right. president obama will unveil his plan to create jobs to boost the economy in ohio tomorrow. it's a key battleground state and it has been. but more so now because of rising unemployment. and it could spell trouble for democrats in november. we have t.j. holmes, he's riding the cnn election express which this morning is parked in columbus, ohio. t.j., it's interesting, as we indicated in that polling and hearing from ed henry at the white house. it seems, you know, most people that you talk to have sort of lost faith in both parties. at an anti-incumbent feeling to say, hey, listen, nothing's changed for me. i'm sort of wondering why should i pick either party? >> you know, and this is the perfect state to make that point. the president's coming here, again, like ed just said, going to be here tomorrow. this is going to be his tenth trip to this state as president. but do you guys remember his first trip to ohio as president? you may not think you do, but do you. it was in march of last year. you remember there it was immediately after the stimulus
7:09 am
bill passed. the president came here to where i am, columbus, ohio, to tout the effects of that stimulus bill by showing 25 police recruits who were going to be able to keep their jobs because of stimulus funding. you guys remember that? he was supposed to come here and say, look, these 25 guys we can show you keeping their jobs through the end of the year because of stimulus. well, when he came, that first trip to this state as president, the unemployment rate in this state was 9.4%. the very next month, 9.7. the very next month, 10.2, next month, 10.8. next month, 11.1. then 11.2. as soon as he came here to show the effects of the stimulus, it just started to skyrocket with the unemployment rate. so here we are now, a year later, we sit at 10.3% unemployment in this state. so you talk about stimulus. and drew asked the question at the top, are people going to buy it if they hear about another stimulus since clearly the first
7:10 am
one didn't work? are they going to buy it? listen to them. >> too busy raising money for themselves to worry about what's going on in the rest of the country. >> there are shops coming in and the ones that are here are minimum wage. >> i don't care for what party they are, republican, democrat, independent. it's just the person that can help the average man. >> get rid of them both. just people run for office that want to do the job. >> i'm a strong democrat, however, i'm disappointed in many of our democratic candidates that they have not worked harder for the middle class. they've made concessions for the wealthy americans. and we're really hurting here in middle america. >> reporter: so, once again, tough sale for the president, if at the time the stimulus passed there were 566,000 ohioans out
7:11 am
of work. stuff sale as always l always, guys. >> they're the ones feeling it. t.j., good stuff, thanks so much. to keep every step of the campaign this season go to c voters now favoring republicans to fix the economy, showing more confidence in the gop when it comes to terrorism and immigration, too. so how does the president turn things around? we're going to ask congressman chris van hollen, he is the chair of the democratic congressional campaign committee. tough job. messages ♪ ♪ check the money in the bank check the gas in the tank ♪ ♪ check the hottie walking by... ♪ ♪ ...wait that's a dude, no thanks ♪ ♪ check the new hairdo check the mic one two ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm about to drop some knowledge right on top of you ♪ ♪ you check a lot of things already why not add one more ♪ ♪ that can help your situation for sure ♪ ♪ check your credit score ♪ free-credit-score-dot-com free-credit-score ♪
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welcome back to the most news in the morning. 14 minutes past the hour right now. and crossing the political ticker this hour in the swing state of indiana, incumbent congressman joe donnelly is taking a unique approach to his election campaign. he's running on don't even mention that he's a democrat. the national congressional campaign committee is more than
7:15 am
happy to remind voters that he is indeed a democrat. in the committee's new ad it flashes images of house speaker nancy pelosi next to don emily who considers himself a moderate. >> here's an interesting twist. bobby jindal endorsed david vitter. in vitter's re-election bid, a spokesman for the governor says right now, maybe later. right now, it doesn't appear that vitter needs the governor's help. he has a double-digit lead over the democratic challenger. again for the most political news, go to >> there are new polls out there suggesting that president obama and the democrats are in the fight of their political lives this fall. >> a cnn research opinion poll released earlier this morning confirmed it. shows republicans pulling ahead of democrats on immigration and terrorism. and the deficit and the war in afghanistan, democrats barely
7:16 am
favoring republicans in two category, health care and social security. >> congressman chris van holen is the chairman of the conscious 'campaign committee don't turn out as bad as the polls predict. congressman van hollen, thanks for joining us. eight issues, republicans ranking higher in all but two, health case, as we said and social security. poll after poll shows republican possibly making major gains and a real possibility that they could regain the majority. what is your strategy for making sure that things don't turn out as badly as many in washington preer dicting for the democrats? >> well, they're not going to turn out as badly. we're just past labor do you now. this is the period where the american people traditionally focus on elections. most normal people have been going about their daily lives, getting their kids back to
7:17 am
school. tomorrow in ohio, you'll hear the president lay out the clear choices. when they go into that voting booth and have to choose between two, sometimes more candidates, the question is going to be, what are you doing on the economy? right now, they have a tragle economy. we're a lot better off than a few days ago. >> you mentioned that. 16,000 people still without jobs. a lot of people saying how did this stimulus that we spent so much money on help us? >> of course there's angst because the economy is soft and weak. the fact of the matter is a nonpartisan group said the recovery added 3 million jobs to the economy. look, when you are sinking very fast. first, you have to stabilize the situation then you try and improve it. fact of the matter is, it's in a dramatically better place than it was 18 months ago but still not where we want it to be. so do you want to go back to the set of economic policies that created the mess in the first place? do you want to repeal wall
7:18 am
street reform which is what the republican leader said in ohio not long ago? or do you want to continue to accelerate the job growth by passing the small business lending bill that the president is urging the senate to pass? right now, it's been blocked by a republican colleague. so ultimately people have to have a choice on where to go. >> congressman, i have to ask you if the president seriously asks that question tomorrow in ohio, are you better off than 18 months ago? we've had a report that unemployment has steadily increased since the president took the white house and the house and senate have been in control of the democrats now. i think the answer might be no for a lot of people, even those who voted for the president. >> look. there's no doubt that the economy remains weak. when you're going down fast, you have to triage, you have to stabilize the situation. you have to slowly build back. but the question in elections is always about the future. what are you going to do next. and if you listen to what the republican leader said some ohio
7:19 am
not long ago, he proposed a plan that would effectively cancel about 60,000 contracts under the recovery bill that are just getting going. i mean, that's a sure recipe for kill something of the jobs that are beginning to grow in ohio. and i think the president's going to point that out. so elections are about where do we go in the future. and i believe that the american people, when they go in the voting booth, they're going to want to ask themselves, what the democratic candidate has been doing. but also, what the republican candidate proposes for the future. and i think people are fair-minded. i think they recognize that when the economy is going down really fast, you can't by miracle turn it around quickly. you have to stabilize the situation and then move forward. and it would be a huge mistake to go back to the same policies. and listen to what -- what are our republicans colleagues proposing for the economy? that, i would -- i would pose that question because they've begun to give us the answer. and the answer is, canceling some of those contracts.
7:20 am
growing the deficits. it's not a recipe for progress. >> you know, there have been actually some very, very liberal commentators and, of course, paul krugman, the nobel prize winning congressman who has been critical of the president especially when it trole're in . we may be in triage mode as you referred to it but we haven't done anything that would change the economy so the country can grow jobs. some of them liken it to throwing money down a hole instead of making changes in technology and green. moving forward, we are going to grow. are you going to support the stimulus, talking about rebuilding roads, talking about possibly rebuilding airport runways as a long-term solution
7:21 am
to unemployment? >> well, the first priority is to pass the small business lending bill that i talked about. and that has past the house, sitting in the senate. i will support the president's plan. we need to see more details until i know exactly what the lay of the land is. he said he was going to pay for it by closing a lot of loopholes in the tax law that actually reward corporations that ship jobs overseas. now, we've closed some of those loopholes already. but there are other loopholes out there. i think everyone would agree, that it doesn't make sense to subsidize, have the american taxpayer subsidize, companies that very shifting jobs overseas. the president indicated he was going to look for those kind of savings to pay for investments right here at home. and it makes sense to say let's invest our money here at home, rather than giving tax breaks to companies that are shifting jobs
7:22 am
overseas. that seems to be the right choice. >> real quick, though, yes, no, should it would be? >> well, we're not going to have that before the election. >> the one the president is proposing? >> yeah. what we're voting on for sure, we hope, if the republicans in the senate will allow it to be voted upon is going to be the small business lending bill and that would create a pool of about $30 billion that combined with private capital would be able to get to small businesses who right now, as you heard, are hurting. the top priority. >> what about after? obviously, when this bill comes out when you guys put it to the floor for a vote, are you going to vote yes? are you encouraging the members to vote yes on this proposal by the president for this new stimulus? >> as you know, we have to see the details. look, the president announced
7:23 am
yesterday, he's going to make more proposals tomorrow in ohio. we're looking forward to work wig the president on his proposals. but obviously, we have to see some of the details. but the thrust of this is in the right direction. it's to continue to get people back to work, to accelerate job creation, and not go back to the policies that got us to this mess. again, elections are about choices. we're all talking about what the president wants to do and that's good. i think it will help propel things in the right direction. what are the colleagues on the other side proposing. i urge people to look at what they're telling us to do. because they want to repeal the wall street reform bill. they're telling us that. >> chris, we've got to go. i'm sorry, man. >> no problem. >> we gave you more time than we should have, according to my producers but i enjoyed it. i hope you did, too. >> thank you. coming up, candidates backed by the tea party have a lot to say about the outcome of the midterm elections. one utah republican may be as close to the tea party will get
7:24 am
to a shoo-in in the senate. it's now 23 minutes after the hour.
7:25 am
♪ new this morning, with the help of a pair of gigantic suction cups this climber made the three-hour trek up the side of a california high-rise. he said he scaled the 60-story millennium tower to raise cancer awareness and also show the vulnerability of terror attacks on u.s. skyscrapers. multitask issue. police were waiting, of course when he reached the top. save for a fiery death, a
7:26 am
sheriff's cam captures three deputies as they run to save a man trapped inside of his burning car. they used a fire extinguisher to save the man. they're risking their lives doing this. for one of the deputies, actually just his second night on patrol. >> quite memorable. nearly 70,000 bags of dog treats being recalled over a sample of possible salmonella contamination. the recall involves eight-ounce bags of hartz naturals rebeef treats for dogs. driving for dummies. a new report finds 1 in 5 drivers, that would be 38 million people on the road would not pass a written driver's test if they took it now. this is from a gmac insurance survey. they borrowed 20 questions from motor vehicle exams. 80% of those surveyed couldn't answer the question what do you do when approaching a red light -- a yellow light, rather.
7:27 am
i think most would stop at the red light. >> 1 in 5 is low. >> in new york long enough, you know to speed up. >> or walk in front of it. coming up, make way for the tea party, the special series has it all the way to washington. jim acosta is doing the series. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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♪ welcome back to the most news in the morning. full spin ahead. the election campaign season heading into high gear.
7:30 am
we are taking a close look now at a political movement that could impact any midterm elections. jim acosta live for us in atlanta in the series "make room for the tea party." >> nearly all of the tea party backed candidates for the u.s. senate are in tight races. not a sure thing that all will win. but that is not the case in utah where republican mike lee is almost a tea party sure thing. his conservative views are straight out of the tea party movement's doctrine, like privatizing social security. >> george washington was the original tea party man. >> reporter: vowing to bring a tea party revolution to washington, a republican running for the u.s. senate in utah, mike lee, is a fire-breathing contender of what's become the bible of the political movement, the u.s. constitution. >> i hereby vow to you i will not vote for a single bill that i can't justify based on the text of the original
7:31 am
constitution. >> reporter: at the same time, lee a lawyer who once clerked for sam alito talking about changes the constitution, saying he will take away automatic citizenship for people born in the u.s. he also supports amendments requiring balanced budgets and term limits for congress. you talk about defending the constitution and yet you want to change the constitution. isn't there a contradiction there? >> not at all. the constitution was made to be amended from time to time. sometimes, we have to do that in order to make the constitution more true to the american dream. >> reporter: he's even questioned the 17th amendment. >> people would be better off with their senators when they deliver their messages to washington. remember the sovereignty of the states. >> reporter: and democrats like to point outle lee also favors privatizing social security. >> so what would be the real thing, if you're the bad guy, to come along and say, we have to roll that back, roll it back and
7:32 am
phase it out. >> reporter: roll it back and phase it out? >> all options to consider. >> you take a guy like me who's not extreme on main street. >> what they see it what they get. >> reporter: food distributor sam granada is trying to exploit feelings still mad at them for backing lee and more on bob bennett. >> since the ouster of senator bennett, i've had more republican, moderate republicans calling to help us. >> reporter: like senator bennett's son. >> when we tried to get bob bennett to speak at the tea party, they said he was not welcome here. >> reporter: whitt lund are looking forward, not back. >> this would be harry reid and nancy pelosi. >> reporter: you're that angry? >> ticked off would be a better term. >> reporter: just like the tea party, mike lee wants to pull the republican party as far to
7:33 am
the right as he can. and that might work in reliably red utah. you're look for one, it's probably going to be mike lee? >> mike lee is the lock unless the unthinkable happens. >> let's bring about the change and it all starts here. >> reporter: the question is whether lee's tea party principles will work in washington. now, during our interview, lee did back away in his talk about phasing out social security. but his campaign website says he favors, quote, a systemic overall of the program. and as for the 17th amendment giving the people the power to elect their senators, lee told me he did not think that one will be dropped from the constitution in our lifetime. but this is some of that conservative red meat that plays out in the lively red utah group. >> yeah, it's starting to play out well. >> all over the country. tomorrow, jim's going to profile marco rubio.
7:34 am
seems these not toeing that party line. and still remaining under water. our sanjay gupta has been there. he's been covering the threat of disease that puts hundreds of thousands at risk. we're going to check in with him coming up. actually, coming up right now, he is in atlanta, i believe. sanjay gupta he just returned from pakistan. joining us now. sanjay, you saw so much. i saw a lot of your reports there, but was there something that surprised you the most about this particular disaster? >> well, i think overall, the scope of the disaster. you know, i'd read about that i'd heard sort of second hand what the scope of this disaster would be. but i think actually getting there on the ground traveling through several cities, through pakistan, realizing how many of these different cities have been affect society adversely, i think what's quite striking. you think of, for example, most recently, i was in haiti, and devastating, devastating earthquake, obviously but more
7:35 am
confined, port-au-prince, outlining areas, new orleans, there. here you have a country the size of florida really, for example, affected by the floods. the second thing was it was ongoing. as logistically challenging as it was because of the scope, the floodwater kept going, going from the southwest down the inges river, and that river keeps ykeep s overflowing. it was more problematic south. logistically to help people, the situation kept on changing constantly. it's true in some parts of the country floodwaters are starting to recede, but not as much in other parts of the country. the arabian sea has high tides as a result, the water can't outflow and it continues to flood that entire area. >> and watching the people who were literally picking up what's
7:36 am
left of their belongings and they're families, taking a sick loved one to the hospital. the united nation is staying they've established a thousand of these clinics across pakistan. they say 1,200 clinics are now opening up and for many it's the only way to receive health care. i know when you were there, you talked about how it was not enough, by any stretch of the imagination. millions of people in need. what did you you notice witnessing that first hand and do you think the 1,200 clinics are going to put a dent in the need? >> it's interesting, kiran, anytime there's a natural disaster, there's a discussion about a second wave of disease coming. and the good news is oftentimes that doesn't materialize. we didn't really see it in port-au-prince. we didn't see it after the tsunami. there were clusters but not that second wave. in part because you can get clean water to people which is important to prevent the
7:37 am
diseases. here, we have already started to seat second wave start to develop. in large part because there is so much bad water in the country and not enough good water. imagine, millions of people outside. they've got no clean water. all they have is what you're looking at on your screen, that contaminated water. what are you going to do after a while? you're going to drink that. yeah, that stuff in that bucket, you're going to drink that. people were getting sick by the millions. there's a significant wave of disease and without basic resources it's going to lead to staggering mortality as well in pakistan. is it enough? your question about the u.n. it's hard to say, again, if you look at a map and really look at how many areas have been affected. keeping in mind that pakistan, even under the best of conditions i was there after the earthquake, for example, even under good conditions it's tough to navigate, with flooding it's tough to get to people without aerial support. forget medical care. just simply getting them food and water becomes very daunting. so, you know, i don't know if it's enough.
7:38 am
it's going to be tough to say that for sure. i think we're going to see some terrible numbers coming out of pakistan in the weeks and months to come. >> that's what's so insidious about this disaster. it's like water everywhere that will make you sick. these people are so thirsty. and then you can't really truck water around, given the -- you know, the transportation issues that you said, sanjay. so what do you do? what do you do to prevent this? >> it's interesting, that's a really good question. i think a lot of time, the tendency to use western methods in the sense of getting bottled water to people or those trucks. but take a look at what you're seeing there, those water purification tablets. >> what was the name of the little boy? >> sorry, i didn't know my mike was open, obviously, you remember the little boy that you had shown was terriblile dehydrated, he only weighed 10
7:39 am
pounds. i forget his name, though. >> ali is his name, yes, 10 pounds, just 3 years old. kiran, you have kids, a 3-year-old weighs about 30 pounds for frame of reference there, but getting some sort of water purification technology. even those tablets. you guys probably have seen those. they do a really good job. they're much easier to transport. you can turn some of that bad water which is plentiful into good water. if there's ever a case for purification technology to be used, pakistan is it. this is the best place, probably, in the world, where these devices or technologies should be used right now. >> sanjay, thanks a lot. i know your reporting has spurred a lot of people to act in the world efforts. so thank you so much for the reporting and for the great job there. >> must have been tough to be there. i'm glad you're sack. it's causing controversy, a
7:40 am
florida church, what they want to do is set fire to copies of the koran on 9/11. just ahead, we're speaking to the pastor of the church to see if there are any second thoughts about this plan, given the outcry, as we've seen protests throughout the muslim world. and now a top general that says this could endanger the lives of troops overseas.
7:41 am
welcome back to the most news in the morning. it's 41 minutes past the hour right now. this morning, a top u.s. commander in afghanistan says a florida church's plan for burn the koran on 9/11 could put the u.s. mission there and our troops at risk. hundreds of muslims in afghanistan are protesting the
7:42 am
decision chanting "long live islam." "death to america." that's kabul. indonesia as well as other places. joining us from gainesville, florida, is terry jones, senior pastor and the man behind the event. thanks for joining us this morning to talk more about this, terry. >> thank you. >> one of the things i'm wondering, this rally is set to take place saturday, september 11th, it's also the last day of the ramadan fast, the holiest day known as eide in the religion. why are you going to burn korans? >> actually for two reasons. number one, we wanted to remember those who were brutally murdered on september 11th. and actually wanted to send a very clear message to the radical element of islam. we wanted to send a very clear message to them that we are not interested in their sharia law.
7:43 am
and we do not tolerate their threats, their fear, their radicalness. we live in the united states of america. we want to send a clear message to the peaceful muslims. we have freedom of speech. we have freedom of religion. they are more than welcome to be here. more than welcome to worship. more than welcome to build mosques. but our 9/11 demonstration on 9/11 protests is to send a clear message to the radical element of islam that we will not tolerate is in america. >> i wanted to let you say your peace. you're saying this is no way as bad as it sounds but it appears that it. you're going to burn a holy book to send a message to the radical elements of that emergenreligio no thoughts that you'd obviously be offending everyone in that
7:44 am
religion. how do you justify that? >> well, we realize that this action would indeed offend people. offend the muslims. i am offended when they burn the flag. i am offended when they burn the bible. but we feel that the message that we are trying to send is much more important than people being offended. we believe that we cannot back off of the truth of dangers of the islam, of the dangers of radical islam going to be offen. overseas, we see they have no problem burning our flag. they have no problem cooling for the death of america. >> right, but this isn't overseas, this is america. >> it's time to stand up. >> but this isn't overseas, this is america. you just said you welcome peaceful muslims and people who build koran. freedom of religion is one aspect of what makes our country so great and different from many countries around the world. so why would you want to play into that?
7:45 am
>> we're not playing into it at all. i just made a very clear statement. muslims are welcome here. they are welcome to worship, as long as they submit to, obey the constitution of the united states. do not sooner or later try to institute sharia law in america. our message is very clear, it is not to the moderate muslim. our message is not a message of hate. our message is a message of warning to the radical element of islam. and i think what we see right now, around the globe, proves exactly what we're talking about. >> what about turn that cheek? you know, this is christianity most refined. you don't act out in violence. you don't act out in any manner of hate, that you turn that cheek. that you don't rise to the nastiness or the level of payback that you -- that your perceived enemies do.
7:46 am
isn't this the exact opposite of what christ taught all of us to be and to do? >> i agree with you exactly. i think most of the time, we as christians are indeed called to turn the other cheek. i believe that most of the time talk and diplomacy is the correct way. but i also think that once in a while, i think you see that in the bible, there are incidents where enough is enough and you stand up. jesus went into the temple. and he threw all of the money-changers out. he did not ask them to leave. he was not peaceful. he was at that time very, very upset, even when this very close friend and disciple, peter, even when he tried to stop jesus from fulfilling his will, from fulfilling the father's will, jesus called him the devil. jesus called the religious leaders of that time serpents and snakes. so i agree most of the time,
7:47 am
diplomacy and turning the other cheek is the proper way but sometimes not. >> you don't care -- i mean, you don't care if you're offending muslims by burning the koran, right? that doesn't bother you if they're offended? >> we realize that we are definitely offending them yes. but we actually think that muslims should -- >> i just want to ask you this, does it bother you that the military and the military leaders believe that by doing this, you are very likely putting the lives of u.s. soldiers at risk in muslim countries? david petraeus, the general, this is what he said, their actions will in fact jeopardize the safety of young men and women who are serving in uniform over here and also undermine the very mission that they're trying accomplish. are you willing to have the blood of soldiers on your hands by this demonstration? >> yeah, we are actually very, very concerned of course. and we are taking the general's words very serious. we are continuing to pray about
7:48 am
the action on september 11th. we are indeed very concerned about it. it's just that we don't know -- i mean, how long do we back down? >> so you're saying that you very might -- you're saying that you might well go through with it. you're saying you're praying about it, you might not burn the koran on september 11th? >> i'm saying we're definitely praying about it. we have firmly made up our mind, but at the same time, we are definitely praying about it. but like i said, i mean, how long, when does america stand for truth? i mean, instead of us being blamed for what other people will do or might do, why don't we send a warning to them? why don't we send a warning to radical islam and say, don't do it. if you attack us, if you attack us, we will attack you. >> i am not questioning your intelligence, but i'm wondering if you thought through the consequences of doing this of what may happen, or whether or
7:49 am
not you may end up doing far more harm than good? >> we are definitely doing that. we are definitely weighing the situation. we are weighing the thing that we're about to do. what it possibly could cause. what is our actual message. what are we trying to get across. how important is that to us right now. that is very, very important. that america wakes up. it's very important that our president wakes up. it's very important that we see the real danger of radicalle islam. that's what we're talking about. actually, everyone should be in agreement with us. >> all right. we have to go. >> there somebody no disagreement there. we're not against muslims. we're not against the mosque. we're against the radical element of islam. even moderate muslims should be on our side. >> no moderate muslim is going to be on your side when you're burning their holy book. that just sounds silly? >> it's not silly. >> you're burning their holy book. you're supposed to be on their
7:50 am
side. i don't get that part. listen -- >> you can say we're not for the burning of the book. but we are for what this man is stay saying. >> we are actually for them. >> by not burning the koran on september 11th? >> we are against radical islam. excuse me? >> i said, don't you think do m good about bringing concerns about radical islam by not burning the koran on september 11th? we are going to take the higher road here and not do this? >> at this time, no. i believe that we are dealing with an element that you cannot talk to. we are dealing with an element they must be shown a certain amount of force, certain a determination, and putting a stop to it. >> that doesn't sound like the christianity most of us were taught. you know what, i thank you for your time and perspective this morning. dr. terry jones. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. it is 50 minutes past the hour. quick break and we will be right back. [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ]
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welcome back. part of our ongoing story, a soldier's story. randy shorter is in his third tour of duty overseas. forward operating base in afghanistan. sound dangerous? it is because it is. jason carroll went with them on patrol and got a firsthand look of how american troops engaging afghanistan citizens particularly children. here is jason. >> securing a region is a major
7:54 am
part of the mission of coalition forces. no question about that. it is not the only mission. there's also a very concerted evident to engage the afghan people. we saw an example of that just a few hours ago when we headed out with sergeant shorter and the rest of the men in his unit to a small village just south of here. it was really a fascinating experience to witness how they interacted with the people and what was going on there. as soon as we arrived i know that the soldiers had seen us many times in the pass-through but a first for us to see the children just sort of swarm them and asking a lot of questions. they were very curious about them and curious about what they had to offer. >> take off your clothes and shake hands. smile at the kids. you know. if you had like treats, you know, you can pass them out. if they -- they had this thing where they do this, they are wanting pencils. they want pencils. they are excited about going to school. if you have pens, they love that. a good ice breaker. especially with the -- the kids.
7:55 am
kids see vehicles coming in and see the guns. they are a little nervous at first. scared. they don't know how to take you. and then once you start taking off the gloves, take off the sunglasses, let them see your eyes. you want to be able to break the ice with them, the population. let them know, you know, we want to help. >> okay. >> that's what it is really all about. taking off the gloves and taking off the glasses. interacting as much as you can. at one point during this particular patrol, one of the lie tenants from the unit was able to go and speak to the village elder who was there. village elders are basically like the unofficial leader of a village. and they were able to hear what their concerns were and needs are. the problem is in order to get to some of these remote places you have to pass through paved and unpaved roads. you can never be sure an ied has been planted there. that's how the taliban is fighting u.s. forces at this
7:56 am
point. the main way they do that is the use of the ieds. >> and it brings up the point -- in the importance of being able to earn the trust of those tribal leaders that you are referring to. they oftentimes are military relies on them for intelligence to let them know when an ied has potentially implanted in a certain area. >> reporter: without question. the nail on the head. that's absolutely right. some of these village elders can provide not only information about security but the main point in doing that is that if you can get the village elder to come to u.s. forces for whatever their needs may be, perhaps then they won't turn to the taliban for their needs. and so that is really the thrust of what we are seeing here in terms of some of the diplomacy that's happening on the ground. >> are you seeing any afghan forces there? i mean, they the ones supposed to be taking over. are there any afghan soldiers or police present in the village you are at?
7:57 am
>> reporter: let me tell you something, that's a very good question. every time we go out, we are out also with afghan police. and in some cases afghan army. just depends upon where we ends up heading to go out. ultimately, what you want to see here, what coalition forces are hope sing that afghan police and afghan army will eventually take the lead in terms of securing the region. a lot of train sing going on. some of the training happening right here at mt. rushmore, forward operating base, rushmore. some of the training happening right here. in terms of where they are, in terms of being able to do that, in terms of being able to take overing the region and take the lead, still some ways to go in terms of their training for that to happen. drew? >> good stuff, jason. top stories coming your way in two minutes. let's find out why. this malibu is sharp, has great mileage and offers onstar. the hundred thousand mile powertrain warranty caught my attention. it's the chevrolet summer event, which means the only thing left to decide is who drives it home.
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good morning. tuesday, except 7. >> i'm kiran. glad you are with us this morning. new polls out this morning on where people may go as we are in the big run-up to the midterm elections. the president is trying to turn
8:00 am
the economy around. preparing to unveil plan featuring $200 billion in tax cuts for small businesses. the new poll shows more and more voters are turning to republicans to handle the economic crisis. the cnn election express rolling into ohio this morning where so many jobs have been lost at the state. lish a comfort zone for democrats. now it is a danger zone. it is going to send as ohio goes so goes america and right now ohio could be turning crimson. >> the end of ramadan falling on 9/11 and for that reason, many muslims are choosing to avoid backlash and observe the holiday on friday instead. one leader says he fears will will be more controversy ahead. a mother came up to me at my muslim house of worship earlier this week and said to me, when will my 1k38 10-year-old sons stop being bullied on the playground because of their
8:01 am
names? what i said to her was very soon. very soon. because the forces of inclusion in america have always defeated the forces of intolerance. they will defeat the forces of intolerance again. >> coming up, we are going to hear from the islamic community about how they are hoping to change people's perceptions of their religion. >> we would like to hear from you right now. a.m. fix blog up and running. join the live conversation. go to >> with the midterm election two months away president obama has a plan to energize american businesses and ultimately save jobs, including perhaps his own. tomorrow in cleveland, the president will unveil his ideas for jump starting our economy. it is a tax cut for small businesses and 100% write-off for new investments and plans and equipment. >> it comes with a price tag, though. $200 billion. the idea behind it to allow america's business owners to keep more cash now when they
8:02 am
need it most. ed henry live at the white house this morning. e ed. >> it is a sign congress will bring it up before the elections. it is clear that this white house is under pressure to come up with some new economic plans. also interesting the president's aides keep saying that look, there's not going to be a second stimulus plan. and yet, when you add this up, we are -- you know, on sunday, we learned $100 billion tax credit for businesses on research and development. yesterday the president was in milwaukee talking about $50 billion in infrastructure spending. now new details this morning at $200 billion tax cut on buying a building new plans, buying new equipment. very interesting because in the face of this republican criticism he spent too much money the president, as he laid out in milwaukee yesterday, fiery speech, really seems to be taking it to the republicans saying that despite your criticism i'm moving ahead. >> that's been at the heart of what we have been doing over
8:03 am
these last 20 months. building our economy on a new foundation so that our middle class doesn't just survive this crisis. i want it to thrive. i want it to be stronger than what it was before. and over the last two years that's meant taking on some powerful interests. powerful interests that have been dominating the agenda in washington for a very long time. they are not always happy with me. they talk about me like a dog. that's not in my prepared remarks. it is just -- but it is true. >> talk about me like a dog. unscripted moment from the president. why is he fired up? why this flurry of economic proposals? look at early in the polling, cnn opinion veer much corporation. which party can do a better job in handling the economy? big flip against this president. look back to august of '09. 39% said the republicans do a better job.
8:04 am
52% said democrats. june of this year, 48% said republicans do a better job. 45% said democrats. now 46% say republicans would do a better job. only 43% saying democrats would do a better job. pretty close. both under 50%. neither party getting high accolades, if you will. a big flip from last summer when this president was in a much stronger position. drew, kiran? >> all right. ed henry for us at the white house this morning. thanks so much. >> thanks, ed. as ohio goes so does the nation. old cliche but happens to be true. things are not going so well for the democrats there. >> that's why they call it the swing state. so many times it is the deciding factor. >> i thought it was because of the dance. >> no. our chief national correspondent john king. john knows the factoids. i bet he knows the state dance of ohio. >> he has the magic board political dance. >> we are talking about this --
8:05 am
>> buckeye wall. >> do it backwards. >> seriously, this -- battle for control of congress and once again we are talking about the state of ohio. >> reporter: if you could study one state from now to election day this is probably a good state to pick if that's all could you do. you have everything here that's at stake in this national election. number one, the battle for congress. a big senate seat here. this is one the republicans need to hold. incumbent republican george voinovich is retiring. the ten seats they need, ten-seat net gain to take control of the senate they have to hold of their kur seents. a great race here. rob foreman used to be in the congress. bush budget director. he is the republican nominee. running longtime state official lee fisher who has been in ohio politics for decades. the democrats are saying why would you want go back to a guy that worked for newt give rich? you don't want do that. have you the governor's race where have you an incumbent
8:06 am
democrat, ted strickland, who and the president is studying this race very closely. incumbent chief executive and tough economic times double digit unemployment, ted strickland is now losing in this race as we see a republican tied in ohio who is he losing to? john casic? used to be a republican congressman in the gingrich days. worked for landen brothers. here's this guy with ties to wall street. john casic ahead now. more evidence of the republican ties. there are a handful of house democrats in this state of ohio being targeted by the republicans. if the republicans are to make john boehner the next speaker of the house, they need to pick up two, three, as many as four democratic seats. everything is in play here. you were just talking to ed henry, overriding issue without a doubt is the economy. >> the president is going to come to ohio tomorrow. he will talk about trying to pass his quote, unquote jobs bill. and an idea for this son of
8:07 am
stimuluses and at the same time, blame the republicans who have controlled no part of the government at this moment for blocking his proposals. is that a message that could possibly resonate that? >> reporter: you just hit on a very, very, very critical point right there. you know what, people do say the republicans are to blame. as much if not the democrats for the economy. the voters get that. they toned pun tisch party in charge on election day. is it a winning message for president? that's not his goal. the goal for the white house is to stop the bleeding and try to stop this election from trending away from them which it is doing today and has been doing across what the white house promised would be a recovery summer. people just don't feel it. they may be the stock market goes up one day and they don't feel it. they are still seeing foreclosures and unemployment. underemployed working part time, full time. the president's biggest message, ed made a good point, he can't get this stuff passed before election day.
8:08 am
his biggest message is to get at the psychology of the economy and economy of politics. we are trying. it is getting better slowly. the president is trying to convince the people of ohio and across the country he is closer to their goals, more on their side than the republicans. this s it a winning message? at the moment you just follow the trend. the president is losing ground the and this is a very tough state, very important state in eight weeks and very important state for this president when he is seeking re-election. >> we checked in with t.j. he told us month after month the unemployment rate in the state of ohio keeps ticking up, up, up. it is not the trend they want to see. when you make the argument, billions of dollars into creating jobs, jobs that, you know corks possibly be started quite soon, that sounds good. and you look out at the macro level and lot of people are -- feel like the republicans do. that we need to stop spending. so it seems like it is a difficult balance for the president and for the party in charge right now. >> what hard for all of the politicians this year, both parties, is to realize that the
8:09 am
old playbook doesn't seem to apply. we have seen republicans senator lisa murkowski up in alaska got beat by the tea party's joe miller. she did what politicians have done for decades. look, i'm the person that brings home the money for the roads and bridges and courthouse. you need me in washington to bring home the money. every family in america went through the turmoil of 2007, 2008 and 2009, cancel vacations, unemployed, maybe their house went under water. that old message of i'm going to go to washington and spend taxpayer dollars or bring tax dollars home to you doesn't seem to be working. stimulus is the case in point. white house can cite statistic after statistic saying it kept the economy from getting worse and in some places made things better. voters don't feel that. they don't see white they look behind and still see an economic mess and see the ed ink in washington. old playbook we go back to in politics this may be one of the years it just doesn't apply. and for the democrats, they are starting to worry no matter what they do, just does be matter. >> be sure to catch john king, usa election road trip tonight.
8:10 am
gearing up for the mid terms by visiting three key battleground states. pennsylvania, kentucky, ohio. tonight at 7:00 eastern here on cnn. >> stay with "american morning." we are going to be breaking down the race was the best political team on television. tomorrow we are in covington, kentucky. thursday it is on to indianapolis. more coverage from t.j. holmes on the election express. as well as john king. dana bash, jessica yellin and gloria borger. happening right now in boulder, colorado. out of control wildfire burning dozens of homes to the ground. 3500 acres. at least a thousand people evacuated and classes have been canceled at the schools. so far no injuries but don't expect it to be contained for several more days. to texas now. parts of texas getting hit hard by the tropical storm. under a flash flood watch.
8:11 am
that's through tomorrow. after that the fear the tropical storm with 65-plus mile-per hour winds could spawn towards. the state sunday a tornado watch as well. that extends until 1:00 this afternoon central time. >> let's get the latest from rob marciano in the weather center. rob? >> just checking observations around. corpus christi, really getting hammered now. pounded, as a matter of fact. north of corpus christi, rockport, seeing winds gust 40, 50 miles per hour. the actual center of the storm is right here. just west of corpus christi now and heading to the -- north-northwest at 18, 19 miles an hour. half moving relatively quickly because it is bringing in quite a bit of moisture. and as you mentioned we are going to see that flash flood watch that's in effect for a good chunk of texas. this tornado watch, everything on the right side of the systems will have a little bit more twist to them. tornadoes are distinct possibility as we go through time. this thing has popped up out of nowhere and that's the danger of this part -- time of year.
8:12 am
these white blocks, this is how much rain we think will drop in that area. could very well be up and over ten inches in spots. the other issue today is dry air. across colorado we have red flag warnings that are posted up. mostly important the eastern part of the state. not including boulder. winds aren't going to be exactly dry or light in boulder either as firefighters con to battle that blaze in the rugged terrain west of the city. back to you in new york. >> rob marciano checking it all for us. we have been cover thing story as well today. end of ramadan. it is the month of fasting that usually includes food, singing and dancing to mark the end. it is one of the most festive holidays. it may not be this year because of an uncomfortable coincidence the holiday falls on september 11th. a lot of muslims concerned because of the anti-islam backlash that we have seen, ground zero mosque and cultural center as well as other parts of the country.
8:13 am
what is -- what's the plan for the end of ramadan? mary snow checks it out next.
8:14 am
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8:15 am
we have new developments this morning surrounding that plan to burn the copies of the koran at a florida church. may have seen the interview earlier today. top military commander in afghanistan is blasting the idea. general david petraeus says that it could put troops at even the mission in afghanistan at risk. >> we spoke to the pastor of the outreach center about stopping the event because of the
8:16 am
general's criticism. >> we are definitely weighing the situation. we are weighing the thing that we are about to do. what it possibly could cause. what is our actual message, what are we trying to get across. how important is that to us right now. that's very, very important that america wakes up. it is very important that our president wakes up. it is very important that we see the real danger of radical islam. that's when we are talking about. >> dr. terry jones also said that he realizes that burning the muslim holy book is, in fact, offensive to people. he says that the church's message targets, quote, radical islam. >> apparently he doesn't care. new developments around muslims this morning. they are observing ramadan. the holy month ends with a celebration usually. this year the holiday falls almost nine years to the day on the worst terror attacks on
8:17 am
american soil. >> tensions are especially high this year. we have been covering the growing controversy over plans to build an islamic center mosque two blocks from ground zero. mary snow, for what people zind, christmas, december 25th every single year, ramadan and tend of ramadan eve falls depending what the moon as well as the lunar calendar. >> lunar calendar. this eve haas not fallen on 9/11 any time we know of. this is a new situation. there is a concern among muslims any celebrations to mark the end of ramadan could be misconstrued. some events have been canceled or moved so they won't coincide with the anniversary of september 11th. afternoon prayers at the islamic center of long island. as ramadan draws to a close later this week, these worshipers are being advised to tone down what's usually a
8:18 am
celebratory occasion. >> 30 days of fasting, month that ended our celebration. >> reporter: how will it be different this year? >> this year, little different. we are not celebrating the way we normally do. >> reporter: because? >> because of 9/11. >> reporter: the end of ramadan or eve, depending on the moon thursday night, falls on either friday or saturday which is september 11th. many muslim decided to mark it on friday. >> people may look at it as a protest against people who may be celebrating. >> reporter: one muslim says they celebrate at six flags park. this year organizers have been careful not to celebrate on september 11th. protests at other mosques around the country. muslims are trying to send out their own message like this
8:19 am
public service announcement created through grassroots efforts. >> i don't want to take over this country. >> reporter: muslim leader who worked with an interfaith youth group in chicago says he feels the attitude towards muslims this year is unlike any other. >> frankly, i have not felt this fearful. a mother came up to me at my muslim house of worship and earlier this week and said to me, when will my 8 and 10-year-old sons stop being bullied on the playground because of their names? what i said to her is very soon. very soon. because the forces of inclusion in america have always defeated the forces of intolerance. they will defeat the forces of intolerance again. >> reporter: this 9/11 this months income westbury, new york, will dedicate a peace garden with other clergy. it is also asked local police for protection following suspicious incident of broken windows at the mosque. his group also decided not to
8:20 am
hold a counter protest saturday supporting the islamic center near ground zero after the families of 9/11 victims requested they not hold a rally. >> to reach out. >> reporter: this islamic center is opening its doors to open houses with the aim of promoting understanding. underscoring fears of concerns nationwide, the islamic society of north america's hosting a meeting today with clergy members of other faiths in washington. the group says leaders will address the cause of growing tide of pier and intolerance to merge and the debate oar the muslim community community center plan their ground zero. it has been heightened by a florida church's plans we pointed out to burn copies of the koran. >> general pet vus weighing in and saying this will not help our cause in any way, this is not going to help our soldiers that are fighting overseas, you know, gives you pause. we talked to the reverend. he said they are playing about
8:21 am
it. left the door open to not do it but wouldn't say that. >> very tense times. lot of the muslim mosques that we -- we are talking about, too, are going to have the open house on saturday. also some groups are calling for a national day of service. >> thanks, mary. remember the gregory brothers, two new york siblings news clips and music. now they have a hit record about an unlikely topic. it has become a top hit. the top 100 chart. we will talk to them live coming up. when i was seventeen, i was not good to my skin. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® clinical skincare, exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin. neutrogena clinical skincare is clinically tested to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging
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in just 4 weeks. do-overs do exist. [ female announcer ] clinical skincare. neutrogena. #1 dermatologist recommended brand.
8:23 am
you all want to run your businesses more efficiently,
8:24 am
24 minutes past the hour. happening now, the new york state parole board is meeting again to consider the case of mark david chapman. you remember him. he john lennon's killer. gunned him down nearly 30 years ago. this is the sixth time chapman's case has come up for review. the last time was two years back, 2008. just last month, lennon's widow, yoko ono, said chapman should remain behind bars because he remains a threat to her as well as other family members.
8:25 am
no one knows which tea party candidates will win this fall or do we? one of the most prominent conservative candidates to emerge is in utd it. mike lee, senate candidate and he could be at the party's sure thing. that while you may come from the same family... you know, son, you should take up something more strenuous. you have different needs and desires. - i'm reading a book. - what's a book? so we tailor plans for individuals, featuring a range of integrated solutions. you at your usual restaurant? son: maybe. see you tomorrow. stairs? elevator. to see how our multi-faceted approach... can benefit your multi-generational wealth, look ahead with us at
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♪ ♪ i can see it now ♪ you remember we were sitting there ♪ a.m. original. something you are only going to see right here on "american morning." the election campaign season now
8:28 am
racing into high gear. we will take a close look at the controversial tea party movement and its proceedtenial impact on these midterm election. >> this is the second installment of our series "make room for the tea party." i remember when you did "welcome to the tea party" a few months back. it is interesting. when people ring polled, many have a decisively negative or decisively positive view of the tea party. a quarter of people haven't heard them or are not sure. >> that's right. i mean, we have seen a natural progression of this movement. since president obama went into office, we saw people showing up at rallies. now we are at the point the tea party is starting to back candidates in pretty close congressional races. nearly all of the candidates that we have seen so far who are backed by the tea party movement are in tight races. that's not the case in utah where republican mike lee is almost the tea party sure thing. lee's conservative views are straight out of the tea party movement's doctrine. you hear so much about the tea party saying that they want to defend the constitution.
8:29 am
guess what. tea partiers like mike lee want to change the constitution in some cases and they are even talking about privatizing some pretty, you know, dearly held programs in this country like social security. >> george washington was the original tea party man. >> reporter: vowing to bring a tea party revolution to washington the republican running for the u.s. senate in utah, mike lee, is a fire breathing defender of what's become the bible to this political movement, the u.s. constitution. >> i will not vote for a single bill -- >> reporter: at the same time, lee, lawyer who once clerked for al alito, talks about changing the constitution. he says he would alter the 14th amendment. he supports amendments requiring balanced budgets and term limits for congress. >> talking about defending the constitution but yet you want to
8:30 am
change the constitution. isn't there a contradiction there? >> not at all. the constitution made to be amended from time to time. estimates we have to do that to make the constitution more true to american dream. >> reporter: he questioned the 17th amendment which allows voters to directly elect senators. >> people will be better off if their senators when they deliver their messages to washington remember the sovereignty of the states. >> reporter: democrats like to point out that lee also favors privatizing social security. >> come along and say we have to roll that back. we have to phase it out. >> reporter: roll it back and phase it out. >> phase it out and rolling them back -- >> reporter: phaseout in social security? >> options to consider. >> take a guy like me that's not extreme, i'm mainstream. what they see is what they get. >> reporter: sam is the long shot democrat in the race. he's trying to exploit hard feelings among some utah rechs who are still mad at the tea party for backing lee over the
8:31 am
more moderate incumbent senator bob bennett to the gop nomination. >> since the ouster of senator bennett, i have had more republicans, moderate republicans, calling coming to help us. >> reporter: like senator bennett's son. >> when we tried get bob been tote speak to the tea party they said he's not welcome here. >> reporter: other republicans like whit lund are looking forward, not bad. >> harry reid and pelosi. >> reporter: you are that angry? >> ticked off would be a better term. >> reporter: just like the tea party, mike lee wants to poll a republican party as far to the right as he can. and that might work and reliably red utah. >> you are looking for one tea party guy to get in there and probably going to be mike lee. >> mike lee is a lock unless the unthinkable happens. >> this is the year we take that power back. it belongs to us. let's bring about that change and it all starts right here. >> reporter: the question is whether lee's tea party principles will work in
8:32 am
washington. during the interview lee did back away from the talk that phasing out social security the. that's been the case with other tea party candidates out there that talked about the very same thing. as campaign website that we should point out says that still favors a systemic overhaul in social security and as for the 17th amendment giving the people the power to elect their senators lee told me he does not think that will be dropped from the constitution in our lifetime. it is -- it sounds good out on the campaign trail. but it is not necessarily something that mike lee will be able to pull off in washington if he gets there. >> jim, thanks for that report. jim will profile florida's mark o'rubio once the darling of the tea party. is he no longer towing the party line? >> there's now eight weeks to go until election day and a lot of eyes are on pennsylvania, a state democrats usually consider safe. but not now. pennsylvania is in play this fall. >> the best political team on
8:33 am
television had to cover 24/7 election express this morning is in columbus, ohio. that's where we find senior political analyst gloria borger. gloria, spoke with the pennsylvania voters yesterday. pennsylvania is one of the states that republicans always salivate over that this is going to be the year and i'm wondering if this is going to be the year? >> you know, they have a better shot here this year than they really have had in years past. i mean, remember in the 2008 election, barack obama won pennsylvania by ten points. but now you know, there are lots of disaffected democrats in the state of pennsylvania. we were lucky enough to be in pittsburgh yesterday. go to labor day parade and talk to a bunch of people. you found some varying points of view. some willing to give barack obama some more time. and some saying you know, this isn't really what i expected. take a listen. >> i would like to see the congress try to do things more to help people get real good
8:34 am
jobs and make them work. i would love to give out more handouts, give more extensions on workers comp and unemployment. and things like that. i want people to start working again. >> do you think republican control would mean that? >> i think -- like i said, i'm a democrat conservative. i mean, if it is -- democrat or republican, it is about going to work, not being lazy. it is about getting out there and producing something. being proud of yourself and being proud of your family and being proud of telling your family how hard you work and how hard you are working to try to make things right for them. >> there are a lot of people that are very unhappy with the state of the situation. but again, it us a long time to get leer and take a while to get back. >> reporter: you hear, she's willing to give the democratic congress and the president the time they need which is exactly what the democrats want but you
8:35 am
heard the owner of the coffee shop there, he is like, you know what, this isn't the change this i expected. i don't like it. too much big government for me. and you know, he told me he's ready to vote republican this time. >> you know, it seems -- some of the -- i guess professional oddsmakers on this who followed the house closely are sort of revising some of their expectations and predictions saying that, you know, this can easily be a gop takeover of the house. how does that affect democrat leaders and democrats when they hear it? what can they do? >> well, they are really, obviously, they are panic stricken and nervous and trying to figure out right now which races they ought to put their money in ask ask which races they ought to put their losses on. those are very, very difficult decisions to make. the democrats have money to spend. but the problem is when you see a tidal wave coming at you, sometimes even the money that
8:36 am
you have got isn't going to stop it. you know, a lot of tough decisions down the road for them. but they are the -- democrats that i talked to are quite, quite nervous now. they do no want to lose control of the house and there's some talk that the senate is in play. nobody would have thought that six months ago. nobody. >> all right. >> gloria borger for news ohio. thanks so much. >> remind you for the most political news -- she saying it is gorgeous. it looks gorgeous. so are you. thanks. cnn.c remember the gregory brothers siblings that remix news clips to music? one of their latest viral videos has become a pop hit. cracking the billboard hot 100 chart. it is not without controversy.
8:37 am
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♪ ♪ you think you are cooler than me ♪ >> it started out as a news report about a break-in, alleged assault of a young woman. it was the victim's brother who caught the attention of thousands. then millions on youtube. the video went viral after was auto tuned. ♪ >> the song making the rare web dough nine stream jump. now number 92 on the billboard's top 100 shows. the video is not without its
8:41 am
critics. joining me to discuss their hit, part of the team behind the auto tune version, evan and michael gregory. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> 18 million hits. unbelievable. the question i have is are you laughing with this guy or at him? >> i think what everybody was really astounded by was how an won mixed his outrage, righteous anger, with humor, to bring attention to a really serious situation. it is really important we don't lose sight of the situation from which this arose. it is also okay to have this on your ipod. >> it is inninteresting. >> it was auto tuning the news and different news clips. it was funny. how did this one -- what made you decide to pick this one? and how did it take off the way it has that now it is licensed on itunes? they are going to be playing it on radio stations around the country. >> it was already a wild internet sensation before we touched it. the original interview was quite
8:42 am
popular. we built a fan base over time for the different video and music matchups we do. and they brought this clip to us. our fans said hey, have you seen this yet? why don't you take a look. >> when you took a look, did you think that -- rain, bed intruder, no, maybe we shouldn't do this? did you think wow, great stuff to work with? >> i hesitated for a moment. i heard the melody within antoine's magnetic personality. i thought that this needed to be translated into a song. it happened. it just happened. >> you get money for it? he will get money? >> so far we all made zero dollars. approximately zero dollars. >> approximately zero dollars. >> couple of months from now we will have made probably more than zero dollars. the deal that was struck with antoine is to split it 50/50 down the middle. he's not only a co-performer of this song but also a co-writer. >> you had to get his permission and he gave you permission. there were people that were
8:43 am
upset saying -- apparently when it ran, when the original story ran at the local affiliate they got a bunch of calls at the station saying this makes me uncomfo uncomfortable. your reinforcing stereotypes. the flip side is that he was okay with it. he wanted it. he wanted you to get this out there. >> this is an opportunity for at least something positive to come out of a terrible situation. within a few months, we will have made -- and antoine will have made between zero dollars and $1 trillion. >> that's more than zero dollar. >> do you have to say i like that because that's how itune psych sl? will you make a couple hundred thousand? >> it could be in that range. we won't know until the accounting comes out. it has hit the billboard of top 100. that in turn generates more exciting attention. people are hearing it in dance clubs around the country which is amazing. >> what's next? do you start looking for more
8:44 am
and more outrageous scenarios to apply your music to? is this just a one-off happenstan happenstance? >> we have been doing a series for a while. we will continue do that. we have one coming out on except 14th that will be taking people from the floor of congress. we have been doing news for a while. we will just take whatever comes our way. >> is there a possibility that antoine could end up being a millionaire because of this? >> it is probably likely that he will hit the million dollar mark with this one. i wouldn't discredit him or underestimate him either. an stwon savvy and has already been making money. he will start his own business based on the notoriety that he got from the original interview and combined with the phenomenon of this song. >> how about the double rainbow video? this was another big one. this is the guy who had a very extreme reaction, i guess, you could say to seeing a double rainbow. that's a youtube hit as well. >> that's another case of a
8:45 am
melody i heard right off the bat. i could have co-written that in my sleep. we wanted to translate the excitement over the rainbow. >> it is another case of an outstanding personality where people connected to the double rainbow video because of the emotion that paul, the witness to the most famous double rainbow sighting in history, that he exhibited. he was just floored with awe and it was his natural reaction to the power of nature and that's the same kind of emotion and star power that people connect to in the song. just like if it were a pop hit on the charts. >> all right. thanks for coming in. appreciate it. >> amazing. that's pretty surreal. anyway, congrats. thanks for coming in this morning. >> thanks, guys. hold the bacon and bring on the peanut butter. which low-carb diets help you live longer? >> hermine heads inland bringing
8:46 am
a serious flooding threat to parts of texas. checking in with rob marciano to see where the storm is going next. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis going? they're discovering the first self-injectable ra medicine you take just once a month. it's simponi™, and taken with methotrexate, it helps relieve the pain, stiffness, and swelling of ra with one dose a month. visit to see if you qualify for a full year of cost support. simponi™ can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious and sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, cancer in children and adults, heart failure, nervous system disorders, liver or blood problems, and allergic reactions.
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there it is. nighttime video coming to you from south padre island. south texas coastline is getting hammered with tropical storm hermine which developed quickly yesterday. made landfall quickly.
8:49 am
just south of brownsville, texas. they are still getting beat up a little bit this morning across the lower texas coastline. good morning, everybody. let's show you where tropical storm hermine is. just about -- just about 50 miles or so due west of corpus christi. winds 30, 40 miles per hour gusting certainly in here. even flash flood watches that have been posted and a couple of warnings also. also of this is heading north and northwest at about 18 to 20 miles an hour. good news is it is moving relatively quickly. it has a tremendous am of moisture with this. the issues are going to be flooding over the next 12 to 24 hours. the other issue is the fact that we have a tornado watches that are out for this area as well for the next -- 1:00 this afternoon. and everything to the right side of the system potential for seeing tornadoes drop. as far as the sfats on it, 50-mile-an-hour winds. a decent amount of moisture that will get not into northern texas
8:50 am
but through parts of oklahoma and eventually this will move over towards arkansas, too. rest of the u.s. looking nice on the east coast. we are still watching dry air and windy conditions out west. fire dangers still high. battling the one just north and west. that's a quick check on the weather.
8:51 am
down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals.
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♪ ♪ around this town welcome back to the most news in the morning. if you are on a low-c ra b high protein diet, the study suggests you may live longer if that protein is vegetable based rather than animal based. >> elizabeth cohen joins us from atlanta with in morning's fit nation report. what does it say about the differences in terms of protein diets? >> there are huge differences. a lot of people when they go on protein diets they think i can eat steak and cheeseburger. you can except that it might not be so good for your heart. what this study found, it was done out of harvard university, is when folks went on a protein diet and they made that protein all animal based like steaks or hamburgers or foods like that, they had a 14% increased risk of
8:54 am
dying from heart disease and a 28% increase risk of dying from cancer. however, if on the other hand they made that protein more vegetable based, not completely but more vegetable based they had a much lower base of getting cancer or dieing from heart disease. kiran, drew? >> for people that -- one of the only things they liked about the low-carb diet was getting steak. what are the alternatives? >> that was the whole point. let's take a look at the alternatives. then i will talk to you about what the atkins people have to say about this. here are some of the alternatives. instead of having -- you can have a hmm burger which is 26 grams of protein and has 20 grams of fat. or you can have a black bean burger which is 11 grams of protein and four gram of fat. you can see there is a huge difference there. if you want to get more protein you can just have two of these burgers. let's take a look at this. hamburger 26 grams of protein and 20 grams of fat. or you can have a serving of lentil which is is 18 grams of protein and one gram of fat. you can see the differences are
8:55 am
huge. we asked the atkins folks about this. we said look, this study shows when people go on their diet, and eat a lot of animal based protein, their hearts don't do so well nor does their cancer risk. here's what they had to say basically said look, we have tested this diet many, many times and we have found that people lose weight and have improvements in cholesterol levels. that's what the atkins people have to say. >> the other thing part is being a smart consumer as well. there's many different types of ground beef. you can get 80% lean. you know, you can get 93% or 95% lean. the other problem -- when you are trying to look at this -- i tried to help my dad with this. he is diabetic and trying to eat more protein but doesn't need the fat and sugar. with the veggie burgers they put a ton of salt in it because it doesn't taste as good. isn't part of it being a savvy consumer, reading the labels? absolutely. ask your doctor what kind of numbers am i looking for? how many milligrams of sodium should i be eating a day? then reading the labels and we
8:56 am
should all feel lucky we have pretty clear labels in this country. it is there for you to read. you should read it. >> all right. elizabeth cohen, thanks a lot. >> thanks. >> you still want the steak. >> come on, you want a bean burger or a steak? >> steak. >> please. >> may not the best thing for us. it is 56 minutes after the hour. mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i worry about your mother. cry herself to sleep every night over my arteries, but have yourself a bowl. good speech dad. [ whimper ] [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and its whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy.
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♪ all right. i have often asked this to drew, how many chicken wings do you think you could eat in 12 minutes? >> i don't know. maybe 182. >> four. >> we will see. sonya thomas, known as the black widow of competitive eating, she is just 100 pounds. you can barely see her. between all those huge du
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